Waarom doe ik wat ik doe?

Waarom doe ik wat ik doe?

Why do I do things in my life that I do? Because I believe that art and culture of great value for everyone. Whether you have one leg or two left hands, you jump from one thing to another, you need a hand goes inside the museum stairs or rolling. Because art and culture is so important, I think it should be, and accessible to everyone. Also, if you need something extra to make it accessible to you.

In the winter of 2011, after a long train journey to Leiden I made every week, I attended a lecture on philosophy and art. The teacher was extensively his story to do with him behind a large screen on which he showed works by Paul C├ęzanne and George Braque. Occasionally, my mind wandered off as the philosophical reflection was too abstract or artwork not appealed to me. And suddenly there appeared a picture of me to this day still touches today. It was a watercolor by Paul Klee called Trauerend . A more appropriate name I could not hardly imagine the work. A picture full of small colored patches containing a single line with a semi-abstract form in which you recognize a grieving person. So simple and so striking. And it hit me, in that place where art can touch you. So you inspired. Makes you want to move.

Touched by a cultural experience
this artwork of Paul Klee is not the only thing touched me that way. A performance of Styrofoam, a concert Fromm Erman, a ballet at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow; I am happy. Even during the show I feel the itch and start my cheeks eventually hurting from that broad smile glued to my face. And I get energy that makes everything I do still want to do better. It is like oil for my self motivation.

different for everyone what you hit and how it affects you. I believe that the experience of being hit adds value to your life. Also, and perhaps especially, if you are struggling in your daily functioning with borders, is having such an experience invaluable. I believe that art and culture can help to look differently at your own life. And it can offer some form of meaning. I believe anyone who allows them, can and may experience such a full cultural experience. It should not be that you are limited by a disability to miss out on this experience. That to me is the motive and motivation – which consists of my personal experiences and frustrations – to do something about this. It is my mission to make art and culture more accessible for those who need something extra to come and experience it there.

But then not go to a concert?
So I was once at a venue to enjoy unwise from a concert of De Dijk. But as the evening progressed, started my knees and back hurt. I then from one leg to the other to wobble to keep it bearable. I eventually just before the end with pain in my heart left quickly. So I could get my coat and go out before there would be full of people and I still longer should stand on my legs. That’s not the nicest experience or experience of a concert, especially if the card for months hanging on the refrigerator and you felt really make much sense. Besides that it is itself very difficult at night, it takes the following days also for its recovery to come. I’m not the only one with such experiences that lead you eventually but not go to a concert.

And I am not okay. I am convinced that we can arrange it together differently. And from that conviction, my mission in one hand and my dream in the other, I S tichting Enjoy Unlimited founded. Will you join to make this happen? Then I invite you to join the crowdfunding campaign and become part of my dream: anyone can enjoy arts and culture in which a limitation that should not stand in the way. Let on January 25 2017 this a toast during the Festival Charity Foundation Unlimited Enjoying TivoliVredenburg!

Go to the Unlimited Enjoying website or the crowdfunding platform

dibs Iris

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